Get a Website Without the Headache

A Busy Business Owner's Solution

Hi, I’m Ann Kahl, the founder of LBI Marketing, LLC

I truly believe that every business owner needs to take control of their website and there’s no time like the present!

What does “take control” mean?

It’s simple, it means that you should own your own website and make changes yourself when you want and on your own schedule.

Sometimes, you need to make a quick business decision and have your website reflect it. You don’t have a week for the web designer to fit you in their schedule…and then charge you the hourly rate for a 2 minute change.

It is not a secret and anyone can learn how to make changes to their website if they know how to type.

This is WHY I Make Websites:

Years ago, I hired a web designer (before I learned WordPress) and I just wanted to make quick changes every so often and couldn’t. That drove me crazy.

Does that happen to you?

If it does, I want to help you because I believe if you own a business (or launching a new one), your website is your 24/7 marketing machine that you need to control because it is your business.

I used to be a high school chemistry teacher before I decided to raise a family and I love teaching so, this is a great way for me to continue to help people learn new things while I do something I love.

I enjoy making websites and teaching you how to gain website control (own and make changes yourself).

My Background

I graduated from Rutgers College, New Brunswick, NJ with a degree in chemistry. I worked as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry but when I started to think about the future, I just didn’t see myself in the labs all my life. I enjoyed my positions and learned a lot of technology and also enjoyed training new staff.

I wanted to use my degree and started to research other opportunities and found that being a chemistry teacher was the career for me. I absolutely loved teaching and I taught high school chemistry and A.P. chemistry for six years. When my husband and I decided to raise a family, I truly wanted to be home with my own children. I wanted to be the one who taught them and we were lucky enough to be in a financial situation that allowed me to stay home with them.

When I left my teaching position, I was in the middle of earning a Masters in Instructional Technology degree and completed it when my second son was 6 months old. I kept my education going because I believe any investment in yourself is a good investment.

As a stay-at-home mom, I got more involved in my husband’s real estate company. He had a lot of outdated marketing materials for real estate and I saw the need to re-create material to give it a new life and purpose.

The Process Starts

I found out that my husband was not getting many leads from his company website. This didn’t make sense to me because I knew the number of people searching online was growing .  I researched and learned about Internet marketing and web design to see how we can use this technology to help people find the right home and to grow the business.

He didn’t have time to work on a new website because he was too busy doing “his business” -Business owners are busy. That’s when I started learning about WordPress and created my first websites for real estate complete with IDX integration and some SEO extras.

It Takes Time To Get It Right

Now, I want you to understand that you can easily learn WordPress and make your own website but you need time to learn. All new things take time to learn. You don’t open up a WordPress account and magically make a beautiful customized website in 5 minutes. There is a learning curve and there is always something new to learn.

I have spent countless hours learning new software and getting things “just right” on a website. At times, I was completely frustrated but I wasn’t running a separate business so, I made this my business and stuck to it.

Here’s the problem. You keep hearing that WordPress is so easy and that anyone can make their own website and be up and running in 5 minutes. You try it yourself and you start spending hours to do one little thing and in your frustration, you hire someone to take over for you and they use their own server and software.

That’s the mistake a frustrated person can easily make when they just don’t know any other way. The problem is that you just gave up control of your website and your business. Your website is now in someone else’s hands. BUT it’s not your fault. That’s what everything you read tells you…how fast and easy it is to make a website.

What Makes Me Different

I am not going to talk you into buying your domain name and hosting through me so, I have complete control over your business.

I am not going to package up a million technical options (that you probably don’t understand if you are new to this) and make believe you are getting the deal of the century.

I WILL tell you the first steps to get a website and tell you what you need and don’t need.

I WILL tell you what I use and what works.

THEN YOU have to make a decision: You have 2 options when it comes to actually getting a website:

1. Pay For It – I can help you. I use WordPress, themes and frameworks that I customize just for you. There are over 10,000 WordPress themes available and they include the most modern look and functions. I think we can find a theme that’s right for you and your business and with a little customization you will get that unique design. Learn more about my Website Creation for you.  Guess What? I don’t disappear when your website is finished. If you hire me to design a website for you, you can email me with any of your questions and I will do my best to answer them.

2. Learn How To Do It Yourself – WordPress is easy to learn meaning…you don’t have to learn coding techniques to get a professional website. You have to understand that it is still very time consuming to learn WordPress and how you can add different functions to your website and how they all work together. Basically, I feel that you do need to enjoy it, too or you may become frustrated and waste a lot of your time. If you can’t decide which option is best for you, sign up to my email updates. I will send you information to get you started. Just fill out the form below.  

Do One Thing For Yourself

I know it is a huge decision to figure out who you want to make your website for you but make sure you are the owner. Buy your domain name and I recommended hosting your website with Bluehost. Your website will be in safe hands with Bluehost and you can check them out here. I only recommend services that I use and love and recently, I became a Bluehost affiliate because they offer a quality service.

Every Business Can Make Web Headlines…and I can get you started. After all, it is your business…make it your website! Learn how by staying in the loop with me. Sign up for my updates.