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Are you staring at a brick wall?brick-wall

After you read this, you will finally get your website started!

I get lost with too many choices and I usually don’t make any decisions. It becomes a project for later.

When I do the research for the available choices, it takes too much of my time.  Would it help you out if it was all done for you?

My Choose-Up Website Solution is here to make sure you get started and not put your website project on the pile of other things that you want to do.

After you read My Choose-Up Solution, get started in the comments below.

  1. Write one thing that you can start for your website?
  2. Is there something holding you back?

I know this works because it is exactly what I did to start a website. It is exactly what my friends did when they asked me how to start a website for their business.

My friends with businesses tend to say the same things like:

I know I need a website but I am just so busy…

I don’t know how to get started…

What is the first thing I have to do?

first step

Avoid the temptation to use a company that bundles services and your website for you. It may seem nice to let someone else do the first step for you but you are losing control of your website and business.

Follow the Steps to The Choose-Up Website Solution to get your own website today

1.    Buy Domain and Hosting

Go to a hosting company that supports WordPress such as and buy a domain and 3 year hosting service package.

Yes, there are numerous other hosting services but make sure you select one that supports WordPress and uses cPanel.

The point here is that I am telling you a solution that works if you are overwhelmed with the choices.

Read the specific steps and details to purchase your domain and hosting service for your website here.

First Step to Get Your Website using WordPress

Once you have a domain name, you can install WordPress with one click. Now, visit your website at ;  you will see a WordPress template as your website.

If you already have a domain and website but you are looking for a new WordPress website with better functions then just check to see if your hosting provider has cPanel with WordPess support and it will be an easy conversion.


Make the decision…there are only 2 choices. If you don’t have the time to learn WordPress for your website, maintain it and spend hours at your computer each day then pay for it.

DIY TIP: I talked about too many choices before…Well, once you start on your own…you will see that hundreds of choices about every option exist and you have to be prepared to do the work.

You have decide now if you enjoy all the tech stuff, want to build your own website and have the time or pay for it to get online fast!

3.    Pick a WordPress theme (look and feel + functions) of your website

Whether you choose to Do It Yourself (DIY) or Pay For It, you still need to know what you what your website to look like.

The way a WordPress website looks is determined by a theme. That is the basic framework design where you can put your information like, photos, videos, text, etc.

There are free themes and premium themes. From day one, I started out using premium themes because I wanted the options and support they provide.

If you are starting a business, I believe the investment in a premium theme is worthwhile.

to give you the professional website and support that you need.

 A note about WordPress themes:

There are thousands of premium WordPress themes available.

Again, I am writing this to help you make a choice and get you online. You can look at themes for weeks but I listed 3 recommended theme companies below.

The mobile responsive themes are getting popular and more choices are available now but you have to check the theme details to make sure it is responsive.

I use the following theme companies among others but I want to keep things simple for you. You’ll get the idea by looking at the 3 links below and see how your website can look.


Here is my story of how I got started so, you can get started, too.

Years ago, my husband used his company website to generate leads for his business but there is more freedom using your own website.

So, I got started and bought a domain name and step 2 was easy because I knew that it was a DIY project. I was going to make the website for my husband and highlight his expertise.

I knew exactly what I wanted so, I searched for premium WordPress themes to get the extra support for customizations and to publish the website faster. I created the website and he loved the new freedom to update his site when he wanted.

The beauty of WordPress is that his website is on his 3rd theme which means he can easily get a new look for his website quickly without losing any of his valuable content and functions.

Yes, the Choose-Up Website Solution will work for you just like it worked for myself and others!

Our business did not have a website and we went through the process from start to finish
so easy and our business already benefited
gave us the nudge we needed to launch our new website


Now, Let’s Get a Website!

1. Follow these instructions to buy a domain name and hosting service.

First Step to Get a Website

If you have a domain and website, start at Step #2

2. Decide if you want to build on your own website or if you just want to pay for the service to get it done.

3. Take a look at the 3 companies that make themes and pick one that will work for your business.

If you are motivated: Search for premium WordPress themes from other companies to learn just how many are variations can be used for you and your business.

Get started in the comments below.

  1. Write one thing that you can start for your website?
  2. Is there something holding you back?