Get A Website and Get Found!

  • 97% of customers search the Internet for products and services in their local area-Can customers find YOU so that they can use your products or services?

  • You need a website so that you can get the word out and be a helpful resource to new customers.

  • Your website is an important marketing strategy so that you are found 24/7!

  • Set up an e-commerce website so that you can sell your stuff after business hours 24/7.

The “Pay For It” option allows you, the business owner to focus on your business. I love to make websites and that is my business so, I can save you a lot of time and get your website up fast.  I just need to know about your products and services to get you and your business found online. Take the time now to gather your information for your website and you will benefit by getting more business. You will make your customers happy by providing easy access to your information. Your customers want to find you because you can offer them a great value and service.  
The “Do It Yourself” option means you are ready to get busy learning all the fun stuff needed to make a website. It means you are ready to learn a new skill and don’t mind putting the time in for it. Be honest to yourself and know that you will need to spend many hours at your computer learning this new skill. You can choose to go it all alone and in that case, you will find my free resources very useful…so sign up below.

wp-f5f5f5f-backgroundWordPress is the Way to Go! It is easy to use and manage and search engines love WordPress because it has clean code that search engines understand so that you get better rankings. You can control your website (own it and make changes yourself) and its built in blog. You can also add different functions to your WordPress website  and it can grow with your business.