Website Maintenance Packages

Protect Your Website

I think this is the most important part that gets always overlooked. People have a hard time paying for anything extra because in their minds, they paid to make a website and they are done paying. This is a HUGE mistake.

Website maintenance is a service to protect your website and your investment. It will not run smoothly unless you take care of it . Think of all the things you pay to maintain or pay for service. We all pay for car maintenance, dental cleanings, monthly gym fees, doctor visits, hair, nails, lawn care, boats, skincare, phone service, data packages to use a smart phone, cable, cleaning, pet care…the list goes on and on.

Take care of your website!

I Got A Website, Now What?

Now that you have a website and you are on your way to getting found online to move your business forward, you have to take care of it.

  • A website is NOT meant to sit online and look pretty.
  • A website IS meant to change and grow. It needs to be dynamic.
  • Your website NEEDS to be maintained.
  • Your website is made up of different software programs to make the website function and to maintain the highest level of security and peace of mind.

You Have 2 Options for Website Maintenance

1. Pay For It – I have a maintenance package available for you if you have no desire to learn the really “techy” stuff or just can’t imagine another thing on your plate right now.

Don’t worry. I can maintain your website for you without you losing control.

    • You would still be the owner and I would just be a second administrator on your WordPress account.
    • I will then add your website to my own personal WordPress maintenance program.
    • I will treat your website just like if it were my own but it’s not!

How awesome is that? You get to own your website to do what you want with it but have me look after it for you.

      • Your site will be updated and on a regular schedule.
      • I will also backup your website and restore it if necessary.
      • You will always have the current version of WordPress. WordPress has ongoing software updates. One missed update can create an open window to your website for hackers. Hackers try to attack big and small websites. You want and need to be protected.

2. Do It Yourself – You want to learn all about your WordPress website because you love it and love to figure things out and have plenty of time to dedicate to it.

My updates will get you started and keep you informed. You just need to tell me where to send the updates to by typing your email below.

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Website Care

For the first year with the purchase of my website package, I also include my maintenance package.  Your website is made up of different pieces of software that performs different website functions. Website Maintenance includes:

WordPress updates: WordPress updates the software consistently to increase security, add features and new functions and to fix bugs. You always need to have the latest WordPress install for your WordPress website to keep it running smoothly and keep unwanted visitors out.

Website Framework: Themes and frameworks also release updates to increase security, add features and functions and to fix bugs. To minimize the risk of your site being hacked, it is necessary to install all updates. Remember, even the biggest and best companies get hacked into and create havoc…do your part and minimize the risk.

Plugin software updates: Yes, for the third time I am going to remind you that all updates  increase security, add features and new functions and fix bugs. Your WordPress website has smaller pieces of software to provide certain functions and these are called plugins. Plugins are frequently updated and it is very wise to close any doors into your site by keeping up to date.

Database Optimization: As you save post revisions, updates or drafts, your database grows and can slow down your website performance.

Spam Removal: Too many spam comments can slow down your website.

Full Website Backups: a full website backup will give you peace of mind. Website backups can be stored on the website server and I include a second backup on my own server. You can’t predict what might bring a website down, so be prepared and make sure you have a copy to restore it.

Maintenance Packages

There are no contracts. If you buy the annual maintenance plan and cancel before the year is up, you will be given a refund but you will be charged the monthly rate for the months that you received service.

You Need My Annual Maintenance Package If:

  • You want me to take care of all the technical stuff for you.
  • You have no desire to ever learn how to update WordPress or the other software that makes your website function. Websites have to be updated and you need to do it or pay for it.
  • You want me to keep regular backups of your site to give you peace of mind. There is no guarantee that a website will never get hacked into but you can minimize the chance and minimize data loss by keeping a secure and up-to-date website with regular backups.

LBI Marketing Client BONUS:

Surprise! Each of my clients will receive over 55 video tutorials and a WordPress User Manual if you would like to dig into your website and make your own updates and changes with ease. The biggest complaint that I hear from people that have a website is that every little change takes too long because they have to go back and forth with the developer. Now, you can control your website and your website will always be up to date.