Is Your Website a Jungle?

website jungle

Get a website that works to keep your customers on your site.

Do you get side-tracked? Sure, we all do at times.I did a search and landed on a website and it was painful. I had no idea what the website was about or trying to sell and it hurt my eyes. There were too many choices and links.

The same thing happens to me when I go food shopping, I go with my list of 15 things and my 30 minute shopping trip turns into 2 hours and a cart full of stuff because…

…I get distracted.

I get an item not on my list and then I start looking for other stuff to go with it and it throws me off task…way off.

Does that happen to you, too?

It’s not our fault. There are choices all around us that diverts our attention.

You worked so hard to get them there in the first place.

Check Out Your Website

Take a look at your website.

Is it a dense, confused mass of information?

If it is, your website is a jungle.

The jungle is a place of ruthless competition for survival. It’s time to get out.

I visit websites all the time with a hundred links to other websites. I click away and I never wind up back on the original website.

Make your website interactive with your customers but too many links off and numerous choices is overwhelming and not the way keep a visitor on your website.

What should your website homepage look like?

  • How many ways can you say clear? It must be smack-in-the-face obvious of what you do!

Do you know how many times I land on a website and I have absolutely no idea what they do or what they sell. That’s not good. I don’t have time to check out other pages of a website…who does?

  • Answer the Question: What Problem Can I Solve For My Customers?

People search for information and for solutions to their problems. Describe how you can help solve their problem and show it off.

  • Fewer Choices

You may have a ton of resources that you want to share with your customers but the trick is to organize them into smaller chunks of material. Everything you know does not have to be on the homepage.

Pick 1-3 products/services that you want to focus on and put them up front.

Although, you may offer numerous products and services, don’t list them all right away. Your customers will be faced with a difficult choice that they won’t make. With proper organization, your website can drive your customers right to the valuable information they need to solve their problem.

  • Irresistible Call to Action

After your potential customers leave your website, you want them to remain engaged with you and your products or services. Offer them something of value in exchange for their email address.

  • Minimize Extras

Make a decision about having ads on your website. You have to get tons of traffic to make the ads worth it. Ads are a distraction from your website’s main purpose. Ads link visitors away from your site. Can you afford to send people away?

For example, I used to have a simple weather ad on one of my websites. I realized that the current weather had nothing to do with my business so, I got rid of it.

Get out of the Website Jungle

Make your message clear.

Go to your website and look at it with open eyes to see if it is totally obvious what you do.


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Take Action Below…If you write it down, it will push you to Get It Done!

In the comments below,:

      1. tell me if you are in a website jungle.
      2. Write down the purpose of your website. (What do you hope to accomplish with your website?)
      3. Take it one more step and tell me how one thing you can improve on your website.